Zameen O Zaman Tumhare Liye Lyrics

Zamino Zama Tumhare Liye Makino Maka Tumhare Liye
Chunino Chuna Tumhare Liye Bane Do Jaha Tumhare Liye

Dahan Me Jaba Tumhare Liye Badan Me He Jan Tumhare Liye
Hum Aaye Yaha Tumhare Liye Uthe Bhi Waha Tumhare Liye

Ye Shamso Kamar Ye Shamo Sahar Ye Burgo Shajar Ye Bago Samar
Ye Tego Sipar Ye Tajo Kamar Ye Hukme Rawa Tumhare Liye

Na Ruhe Ami Na Arshe Bari Na Lohe Mubi Koi Bhi Kahi
Khabar Hi Nahi Jo Ramja Khule Ajal Ki Niha Tumhare Liye

Ishare Se Chand Ko Cheer Diya Chupe Huye Khur Ko Pher Liya
Gaye Huye Dinko Asar Kiya Ye Tabo Tawa Tumhare Liye

Saba Wo Chale Ki Bag Fale Wo Phool Khile Ki Din Ho Bhale
Leva Ke Tale Sana Me Khule Raza Ki Jaba Tumhare Liye

Nazarahmed Khan

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