Tajdare Haram Aye Shahanshah-E-Deen Lyrics

Tajdare Haram Aye Shahanshah-E-Deen,
Tumpe Hardam Karodo Durudo Salaam,
Ho Nigahe Karam Humpe Sultandi,
Tumpe Hardam Karodo Durudo Salaam

Door Rehekar Na Dum Toot Jaye Kahi,
Kash Taiba Me Ae Mere Mahe Mubi,
Dafan Hone Ko Mil Jaye Do Gaz zamin,
Tumpe Hardam Karodo Durudo Salaam

Koi Husn-E-Amal Pas Mere Nahi,
Fas Na Jau Qayamat Me Maula Kahi,
Ae Shafi-E-Umam Laaj Rakhna Meri,
Tumpe Hardam Karodo Durudo Salaam

Teri Yaado Se Mamoor Sina Rahe,
Lab Pe Hardam Madina Madina Rahe,
Bus Me Diwana Ban Jau Sultandi,
Tumpe Hardam Karodo Durudo Salaam

Fir Bulalo Madine Me Attar Ko,
Fir Bulalo Madine Me Hum Subko,
He Tadapte Taiba Ke Didaar Ko,
Koi iske Siwa Aarzoo Hi Nahi,
Tumpe Hardam Karodo Durudo Salaam

Assalato Wassalamo Alaika Ya RasoolALLAH
Assalato Wassalamo Alaika Ya HabibALLAH
Assalato Wassalamo Alaika Ya Rahmatallil Aalmin

Nazarahmed Khan

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