99 Names Of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

99 NAMES OF beloved prophet MUHAMMAD (SAllallaho alaihi wasallam)

Name Meaning
Aadil The Justice
Aalim The Scholar
Abdullah Slave of Allah
Abu al Qaasim The father of Qasim
Abu at Tahir The father of Tahir
Abu at Tayyib The father of Tayyib
Abu Ibrahim The father of Ibrahim
Afoow Forgiver
Aheed He who takes to one side
Ahmad Much praised
Ajeer He who is rewarded
Alam ul Eeman The banner of faith
Alam ul Yaqeen The banner of belief
Alamul Hudaa Banner of guidance
Aleem The Knowledgeable
Ameen The Honest One
An Najm-us-Saqib Shining star
Aqib The Latest
Arabi The Arabi
Awwal The First
Akhir The Last
Ayn ul Ghurr The chief of the chosen one
Ayn un Naeem The spring of blessing
Aziz The Honoured One
Baaligh He who attains the elevated station
Bar Pious
Basheer The Messenger of Good News
Bayan Obvious words
Burhan The Evidence
Bushraa Giver of good tidings
Daa The Invitor
Daleel ul Khyayraat To guide to virtue
Faateh The Victor
Faazil Virtuous
Faseehul Lisaan The eloquent of speech
Fatah The Successor, The Opener
Ghani The Rich
Gharib The Poor
Ghaus Succour, listener to complaints
Ghays Shower of mercy
Ghiyaas Full of succour
Haad The Leader
Habeebullah Beloved of Allah
Habieb The Beloved
Hafeey Very merciful.
Hafiz The Guardian
Hakeem The Wise
Hamid The Praiser
Hamied The Thankful
Haq The True, The Truth
Harees-un-Alaikum The Covetous for the Believers
Hashim The Destroyer, The Crusher of Evil
Hashir The Awakener, The Gatherer
Hashmi The Hashmi
Hidayatullah Gift of Allah
Hijazi The Hijazi
Hizbullah Army of Allah
Hudaa Guide
Hujjat The Right Argument
Ikleel Chief (of Prophets)
Imam The Guide
Imamul Muttaqeen Leader of the pious
Izzul Arab The honour of Arabs
Jaami Perfect
Jabbar Dominant
Jawwad The Generous
Kaaf Sufficient, enough
Kaamil Perfect
Kaashiful Kurab He who solves difficulties
Kafeel Surety
Kaleemullah Who converses with Allah
Kareem The Noble
Khaleel ur Rahman The freind of Compassionate
Khalil The True Friend
Khatamul anbiya Seal of the Prophets
Khatamur Rusul Seal of Messengers
Khateebul Umam Sermoniser for the people
Khatieb The Sermoniser
Khatim The Finalizer
Maah The obliterator of Infidelity
Madani The Resident of Madina
Madoow Who is called
Mahd The Guided One
Mahdee Who is guided
Mahdiy He Who is Well Guided
Mahmood The Commendable
Makeen Who is given Rank
Makhsoos bil Izz Chosen to be honoured
Makhsoos bil Majd Chosen to be on the right path
Makhsoos bil Sharaf Picked up as a noble
Maloom Known
Mamoon Secure
Mansoor Who is helped
Maraj The Place of Ascent, The Above
Mashhood He who is witnessed.
Mashkoor The Thankful
Mateen The Strong
Mawsool Having link with Allah.
Miftaah Key to the secrets.

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