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Ziyarat E Madina Munawwarah

Madina also spelled as Medina is the city where Prophet Muhammad.sal spent the last years of his life and where he died and was buried. The distance between Makkah and Madina is 490 km and it takes 5 hours to reach Madina from Makkah. Madina is noted for its dates orchards and fertility. The mosque here where the graves of Muhammad.sal and his friends and relatives is named Masjid An Nabawi.
After or before Hajj, it is desirable to visit Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ‘s place at Madina. So, all pilgrims spend few days at Madina. Usually one fourth of the total days are spent in Madina. Before you head over there, recite Salawath as much as you can. Keep your intention to visit the Prophet.sal. Have good faith in heart with desire to meet him. Though he is no more he is said to be alive inside his grave. So go to his tomb in a respectable manner in good dresses following the ways of Sunnah.
During the times of rush, you need to wait in queue and go inside and do not fight or argue with others. Keeping patience is essential as we are into the durbar of the prophet. Give some alms to the poor and go with dresses based on Sunnah.
Ashabus Subbah is the place there where the poor friends of Prophet used to spend their times. The Rowlathul Jannah is called as a place of paradise on earth and those who have entered this place is considered to have entered heaven. So when you enter this place make it a point to pray 2 Rak-at Salat. When you reach the Prophet’s grave say salam to him in a humble way. If anyone has asked you to convey their salam it is a must on your part to convey them properly.
Convey salam to other Sahabis such as Hazrat Aboobakkar.rali, Hazrat Omar.rali and the wives of Prophet.sal. There are some pillars at this place namely Abu Lubaba pillar, Ali pillar, Ayisha pillar, Vabooth pillar, Sareer pillar and Hannaan pillar. Pray near all these pillars. Praying 40 times over 8 days at Masjid An Nabawi is recommended by Prophet.sal as a measure of escaping the clutches of hell.
Madina people are very soft and it is essential not to harm them in any way. There are many date orchards and so very tasty dates are available here. It is a custom to buy the dates and bring back home.
There are many places of visit in and around Madina. As praying at Masjid An Nabawi is more important than all, it is better to make outside visits in the mornings and come back at Luhar time at noon.
Jannathul Baki is the graveyard adjacent to Masjid An Nabawi. Here lots of Sahabis were buried and so it is a good practice to visit Jannathul Baki for Ziyarat. Uhad Mountain is situated in Madina and this is the place famous for the Uhad war during the times of Prophet.sal. Here you can see the graveyard of Hazrat Hamza.rali and 70 Sahabis who laid their lives in the Uhad battlefield.
Quba mosque is situated in Madina and Prophet Muhammad.sal used to visit this mosque every Saturday. So, it is the best option to visit this mosque on Saturdays. There are some specialties of Quba mosque. This is the first mosque built in this world and the foundation stone was laid by Prophet Muhammad.sal. This is where the mass prayer was conducted publicly for the first time.
Madina is place of peace and patience. Islam started to spread from this soil and this is the soil holding lots of sacrifices. So, all pilgrims must preserve the respect of Madina during their stay there by behaving in a very respectable manner.

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