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About Hajj-E-Badal

Hajj-E-Badal is the hajj done on the behalf of other people who are physically not fit enough to embark on hajj or those who have already passed away. Those who are going to perform the Hajj e Badal is called Mahmoor and on whose behalf he is doing Hajj is called Aamir.

There are certain facts about Hajj e Badal. Hajj should be a must for Aamir and should be physically unfit to make Hajj as long as he lives. He gives his consent for Mahmoor to perform Hajj on his behalf and spends his own money for the Mahmoor’s journey and other expenses. However heirs may do Hajj for their deceased parents and in this case, the consent of the parents before they die is not needed.

When the Mahmoor says out his intention to do Hajj when entering Ihram, he must say that he is performing Hajj on behalf of Aamir. One person can do Hajj e Badal only for one person at a time and he cannot do for a group of people at one time. There is no separate Ihram for Mahmoor and Aamir. Only the appointed person or the Mahmoor should perform Hajj. Mahmoor cannot send anyone else for this purpose.

It is a best option that Mahmoor should start his journey from the hometown of Aamir. He must abide by the instructions of Aamir. Only Hajj e Qiran or Hajj e Ifrad could be done in this case and Hajj e Tamattu is not advisable. Even when Hajj e Qiran is done, Qurbani should be given at the expense of Mahmoor and not Aamir. If Mahmoor did not do Hajj properly, then the Hajj of Aamir will not be accepted. However if the heirs perform Hajj on the behalf of their parents then they may perform Hajj e Tamattu.

It is better to send a person who has already completed his own Hajj as Mahmoor. However if a person did not do Hajj for himself but is not a must for him on account of his wealth, then sending him for Hajj e Badal is accepted.

The Mahmoor should enter into Ihram at the place of Aamir for performing Hajj on his behalf but when he does Hajj e Tamattu, he comes out of Ihram after completing Umrah and then again enters into Ihram from Makkah for doing Hajj and so this Ihram becomes Makki Ihram and not the Ihram worn at the place of Aamir. That is the reason why it is said that only Hajj e Ifrad or Hajj e Tamattu has to be performed in this case. However, when the parents are dead and their heirs want to send someone else for Hajj, then there are no special instructions for that and any type of Hajj is allowed.

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