99 Names Of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

99 NAMES OF beloved prophet MUHAMMAD (SAllallaho alaihi wasallam)

AadilThe Justice
AalimThe Scholar
AbdullahSlave of Allah
Abu al QaasimThe father of Qasim
Abu at TahirThe father of Tahir
Abu at TayyibThe father of Tayyib
Abu IbrahimThe father of Ibrahim
AheedHe who takes to one side
AhmadMuch praised
AjeerHe who is rewarded
Alam ul EemanThe banner of faith
Alam ul YaqeenThe banner of belief
Alamul HudaaBanner of guidance
AleemThe Knowledgeable
AmeenThe Honest One
An Najm-us-SaqibShining star
AqibThe Latest
ArabiThe Arabi
AwwalThe First
AkhirThe Last
Ayn ul GhurrThe chief of the chosen one
Ayn un NaeemThe spring of blessing
AzizThe Honoured One
BaalighHe who attains the elevated station
BasheerThe Messenger of Good News
BayanObvious words
BurhanThe Evidence
BushraaGiver of good tidings
DaaThe Invitor
Daleel ul KhyayraatTo guide to virtue
FaatehThe Victor
Faseehul LisaanThe eloquent of speech
FatahThe Successor, The Opener
GhaniThe Rich
GharibThe Poor
GhausSuccour, listener to complaints
GhaysShower of mercy
GhiyaasFull of succour
HaadThe Leader
HabeebullahBeloved of Allah
HabiebThe Beloved
HafeeyVery merciful.
HafizThe Guardian
HakeemThe Wise
HamidThe Praiser
HamiedThe Thankful
HaqThe True, The Truth
Harees-un-AlaikumThe Covetous for the Believers
HashimThe Destroyer, The Crusher of Evil
HashirThe Awakener, The Gatherer
HashmiThe Hashmi
HidayatullahGift of Allah
HijaziThe Hijazi
HizbullahArmy of Allah
HujjatThe Right Argument
IkleelChief (of Prophets)
ImamThe Guide
Imamul MuttaqeenLeader of the pious
Izzul ArabThe honour of Arabs
JawwadThe Generous
KaafSufficient, enough
Kaashiful KurabHe who solves difficulties
KaleemullahWho converses with Allah
KareemThe Noble
Khaleel ur RahmanThe freind of Compassionate
KhalilThe True Friend
Khatamul anbiyaSeal of the Prophets
Khatamur RusulSeal of Messengers
Khateebul UmamSermoniser for the people
KhatiebThe Sermoniser
KhatimThe Finalizer
MaahThe obliterator of Infidelity
MadaniThe Resident of Madina
MadoowWho is called
MahdThe Guided One
MahdeeWho is guided
MahdiyHe Who is Well Guided
MahmoodThe Commendable
MakeenWho is given Rank
Makhsoos bil IzzChosen to be honoured
Makhsoos bil MajdChosen to be on the right path
Makhsoos bil SharafPicked up as a noble
MansoorWho is helped
MarajThe Place of Ascent, The Above
MashhoodHe who is witnessed.
MashkoorThe Thankful
MateenThe Strong
MawsoolHaving link with Allah.
MiftaahKey to the secrets.
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